Arctic Travel & Leisure AS

Pukka Travels skapar arktiska turer för moderna upptäcktsresande i Tromsø, Lyngen, och Lofoten. I 69 ° norr är regionen runt Tromsø ett magiskt sätt att utforska Arktis. Med mer än 100 researrangörer i området hjälper vi dig att välja upplevelser du minns hela livet.

Arctic Travel & Leisure AS Tromsø, Norway
Description:   The Minibus Driver is a passionate adventure and nature enthusiast that never seems to get enough of the stunning beauty of the Arctic. With a positive attitude, the Minibus Driver brings the spirit of enthusiasm and safety for the land elements to our guests as well as the other team members. This includes efficient and comfortable transfers, as well as assisting in thoughtful and enthusiastic tour experiences. Daily work includes conducting transfers and assisting in tours, but also includes basic vehicle maintenance, writing reports and keeping track of inventory and spare parts. As a Minibus Driver you are involved in the routines and logistics related to tours and their routes. The Minibus Driver will work in close relation to the Transportation and Logistics Manager, and will be part of the Adventure Team which consists of Tour Guides, Skippers, and other Adventure Enthusiasts. You may also participate in teaching the rest of the team members to be...